Sunday, October 2, 2011


Reagan was WIDE awake last night, I didn't think she was going to go to sleep, but Mike laid down with her and 10min later...she was out! She did wake up at least once last night. I heard her at 3:30am "talking" in her bed. She went back to sleep though and we all slept in a little this morning. She's been a precious girl again today. All smiles, some laughs, and big huge eyes...just a darling girl. She's still a little roly poly. Lots of energy. Moving, moving, moving. We took her out on her tricycle again this afternoon. It's much cooler outside and quite nice but the mosquitoes were all over us. We went down the sidewalk, talked to a few neighbors, and then came back. Reagan seems to enjoy it and it gets her arms and legs moving which has got to be good for her. Hopefully our good girl hangs on this week, I've still got suitcases to finish unpacking and a ton of laundry to do!!! We've got two weeks to settle in before we have to leave again...for the drug study at Stanford! Busy, busy!


Zoey's mom, Heather said...

I don't know how I missed the last post.

The tryke is awesome Tera. Really awesome. Reagan looks like such a big girl and the pictures with her in the red helmet, so darling!

I am so happy to hear of all of these wonderful days. Talking and smiling and being a roly poly. Makes my heart happy.Praying for many, many more.

Krissy said...

So precious!

Shelly said...

How great is this and she looks like she is loving it. Truitt would love one of these.

So happy for Reagan!!!