Friday, October 21, 2011

Brain scan...done!

Everything went well today. Reagan woke up early this morning at 6:40am and was all smiles! We decided to go ahead and get up early too so that we could go do something. We didn't get out of the room til 8:30am or so, but we decided to head over to San Francisco. We drove over the double decker San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and stopped on Treasure Island to take some pictures. It was very overcast and cool but still a nice day. Then we drove over to the Oakland side and basically made a u-turn and headed back to San Francisco. It was at this point that I got a call from the anesthesia nurse wanting us to come in early (they had a cancellation). I explained to her that we had just gotten to San Francisco and we were not going to just turn around and head back! We parked our car and walked along Fisherman's Wharf. We were here almost 11yrs ago for a few days of our honeymoon and loved it. We went back to Ghirardelli Square and had some hot chocolate and a caramel sundae! By then it was time for us to make our way back. We (of course) got stuck in some more awful CA traffic but we made it to Stanford only a few min late for our appt. It still took them some time to take us back, but everyone was very nice and they even got Reagan's iv in on the first try!!! Unfortunately the one they put in was too small a gauge to take blood from (for labs), so they had to stick her again in her arm but they were able to leave that iv in so we can try to draw from it tomorrow to avoid additional sticks! Even the anesthesiologist was nice, which is surprising because usually they are very no nonsense and technical. They seemed surprised that she wasn't more affected by the versed they gave her to calm her before doing the iv. She was slightly less energetic, but definitely not sleepy. We did explain to them ahead of time all of the issues Reagan's had in the past with anesthesia (taking a long time to come out and crying and holding her breath when she woke up) as well as the incident she had with methadone. The anesthesiologist stressed that if Reagan was having any breathing difficulties afterward...they would want to keep her overnight to monitor her. We went down to the room with them and watched as they had all kinds of problems finding equipment they were looking for. At one point I looked down at Reagan's iv and noticed that nothing seemed to be attached to it. I asked the anesthesiologist about it and he looked and saw that he hadn't tightened it well enough and it had come apart (and dripped on the bed). No wonder she wasn't getting sleepy yet. Once the medicine made it's way in, she really started dozing. That's when we left and were told it would take 30min for the tracer to absorb into her brain and then another 30min for the scan. We went and got coffee and a snack and then went back to the waiting room. About 1hr 20min later, the nurse came and told us she was doing fine, they were just waiting for her to wake up a little more. Another 10-20min later they came and got us. Reagan was still asleep when we got to her bedside but Mike spoke to her and immediately she opened her sleepy little eyes and looked at him. She was sleepy but kept opening her eyes here and there for us, so that was a great sign. The anesthesiologist came by and told us that they did have one little issue during the procedure. About 10min before they finished, she started waking up (they were using very light sedation). So the doctor gave her some more anesthesia (because if she moved, they would have to start the scan over from the beginning). Apparently he gave her a little too much, because he said she held her breath and turned purple!!! It only lasted 30sec or so and they gave her some oxygen and she was fine. He was very nonchalant about it...I guess because he's afraid of getting sued! We were both a little in shock about the whole thing. Reagan looks fine though, so I guess all is good. She was still very sleepy but since she woke up no problem, they let us leave the hospital. She woke up for good on our drive back to the hotel and has been awake ever since. So much for being sleepy the rest of the day (I was looking forward to a nap)!!! Then tonight while sitting in our hotel room, we experienced an earthquake! The epicenter was about 30miles away in Berkley but we could definitely feel it. Kind of like an unsteady boat, we rocked back and forth for about 10 seconds or so. Apparently there was another one earlier in the day around 2pm, but it was shorter and we didn't feel that one. Needless to say, we've had a very busy day! Time for some rest!! Do you hear that Miss Reagan?!?!

A very overcast San Francisco (I have more pics, but they're on my good camera and the cord is at home! I'll post more after we get back!)

After the scan...waiting for our car.

In the car 15min later...wide awake!!


jocalyn said...

san francisco is one of my most favorite places on earth!!

of course there was an earthquake while you were there :)

glad she's doing well. thinking of you all...


Toyin O. said...

Praying for her. I love San. Francisco.

Jamie - AZ said...

Gotta love San Francisco!! Just so much fun all the time! Glad everything went well. Sorry to hear she had a turning purple episode. That had to be a scary thing to hear! You guys have been through so much, you really should write a book. Glad she had a good day and will say prayers for a restful night full of sleep for all of you. Hugs to the sweet princess! :)
We just got a labradoodle. She is sooo sweet & loves Tatum. I will send you a pic. :)
Take Care