Saturday, October 1, 2011

Amtryke success!

Reagan has been a precious girl again today. After the long drive last night (and a dose of clonidine), she slept well last night waking up super happy and smiley once again. This morning Grandma met up with us at the hotel and we drove over to the Elks lodge (who was sponsoring this event for the AMBUCS). They had lots and lots of trykes and I'm afraid Reagan's order got a bit mixed up! When they first brought the tricycle over, it had a seat/back that wouldn't work at all for Reagan. Actually, the one we ended up with, isn't even the one Reagan's therapist had put down on the order form...but it seems to work pretty well anyway (with the laterals and harness). The only issue now is her head (but we have a few things at home we can try for that). She seemed to enjoy it and she was SO well behaved for all of the adjustments that we had to keep making...she never made a peep! Afterward we loaded up the tryke, got in the car and drove all the way back to Houston!!! We're all a little exhausted right now. That is...everyone but Reagan!!! She's been a ball of energy today. She's been rolling all over the place, rolling onto her tube (and popping it open), "talking" a ton, hands in her mouth, biting her lower lip (making her lip/chin area permanently red). I'm not sure when this biting her lower lip thing started, but with her hands constantly in her mouth and spit all over her chin...she's a red faced mess! And her's been leaking like crazy the last few days. Soaking her shirt, pants, & us! I've already checked the balloon and it's not that low on water, I think it's just time to go in and get it replaced! Thankfully, Reagan has been an absolute doll through it all. Now...if we can just get this little ball of energy to sleep tonight!!!


Jamie said...

A-MAY_ZING! I love that trike! so funny how it has little "mittens" to hold Reagans hands on the handles! Blessed and Oh..Blessed :)

charity said...

she looks like she likes it. very cool bike

Kristy said...

Awesome! I love it!