Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Already sick of the EEG

As far as I know, Reagan slept the whole night. I was OUT. I'm not sure why I was so exhausted, but Reagan and I both slept in til 9am this morning!! She's been a good girl again today. I'm sure she's already sick of having those leads on her head. The bandaging that was wrapped around her head/hair to keep it all out of hands reach has completely come off. It was all bunched up at the top of her head this morning. She had a hat on so we didn't see it for a while, but the gause was all up on top of her head, giving her a bit of a cone head! I just took it all off and put one of her little crocheted hats over it. It's not super important that we get perfect tracings from here on out. Her doctor really just wanted a 24hr EEG, but these home companies/insurance make you do a minimum of 48hrs. It can't hurt to have additional time, but it certainly is a hassle for everyone (as the cords on her head don't stretch very far so you have to keep the bag only a foot or two from her head at all times...her feeding pump is SO much easier to deal with). She's still really going for those cords too! We've been fighting with that hand all day! She's a turkey! She had OT this morning and speech this afternoon and was great for both. She has been a little antsy at times, but it's hard to tell if it's just her being irritated with the stuff on her head or if she's heading toward a mildly bad day. Tonight her nurses are helping us out so Mike and I can join some people from our Bible study in taking dinner to the Ronald McDonald House at Texas Children's. This one is for the families of children in the ICU at Texas Children's (there's another one in the medical center that is a big free standing building). We've done this before and it's something that Mike and I feel especially drawn to. The Wednesday day nurse came in an hour late and she's going to stay an hour later than usual and the night nurse is going to come in 3 hrs early...just so Mike and I can both go tonight! Hopefully Miss Reagan behaves herself for everyone!


The VW's said...

48 hours for an EEG would drive me and Gavin insane! Glad she is dealing with it so well! Hugs!

Debbie said...

Sounds like Reagan is doing pretty well these days..yay!

Hope you and baby are doing well too...

Hugs...deb and H