Saturday, September 17, 2011

We're here!!!!

Reagan has been as good as gold today. No, seriously, prayer really does work because things could have turned out SO much different (especially considering how she was the last couple days)! She slept from 10:30pm-3:55am...she woke when we were changing her clothes before we left for the airport. Mike, Reagan, Reagan's nurse Teri, and I all made the trip in to the airport together. Reagan was a little dazed (half awake and half asleep) pretty much most of the morning. On the flight from Houston to Atlanta, she was tired and slept the whole trip (although she was pretty restless and kept popping back awake every couple minutes). But once we met up with Grandma and Aunt Amber, she was awake. Still pretty sedated (without any medication) and calm but awake with big eyes. Her eyes got even bigger when we got to the Bahamas and a man in a feather headress greated us playing the drums! Once in the Bahamas (it had been raining and was very hot and humid) we met up with my sister's boyfriend and we jumped in a shuttle to get rental cars (we almost left Reagan's carseat on the baggage carosel). We had to take two shuttles to the rental car place because we had so much luggage!!! My mom had reserved a mini van (my sister and her boyfriend had their own car but left before we did)...we never really thought about how we were going to get all of that junk to our house! We managed to squeeze everything in but Reagan had to ride on our laps instead of in her carseat! It was a trek getting from the airport to the house driving on the left side of the road and not really knowing where we were going...but we eventually found it. My mom rented a huge house that is right off the water. It has it's own infinity edge pool and it's own beach. Lots of entertaining space and lots of space in general. It could use some updating, but I don't know if you could beat this location (and it's nice not to have to deal with tourists and just sit back and enjoy the quiet)! We went and had dinner tonight (not that impressed with the food) and then went to the grocery store where we spent a small fortune on groceries (at least 4-5x US prices). We're all exhausted tonight...but Reagan has been great (not "happy" but we have gotten a few laughs out of her tonight) and for a traveling day, we could not have asked for more out of our girl! Now keep those prayers coming because we need some good, sunny days with her to do fun things like swimming with the dolphins!

Sleeping through our flight (head support not that great...we had to keep picking her head up)!

So good to see Grandma!

View from the pool area after the rain (Reagan and Teri are relaxing)...


jocalyn said...

i seriously don't know why i have tears in my eyes reading this!
i'm so very happy for you guys to get away and enjoy time together in such a beautiful place! and so thankful reagan made it through the travels! the first day is always the most stressful! now relax, take lots of pictures, and enjoy your time!!! you ALL deserve it!

The VW's said...

YAY! Have a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

I've always had great food in the Windward Islands (Southern Caribbean). I'm sure you can get Lambi (Conch). I could eat my weight in it. Ask them what they recommend. And we eat at beach places. Nothing fancy. Go in search of French Fries. I've found the best in the Caribbean. Good luck.