Thursday, September 22, 2011

Talkative girl

Reagan was a little restless last night. I think she slept, but it was more off and on. Mike heard her "talking" a few times through the we know for sure she was up. She was a happy, talkative girl again today. Super vocal. My mom would sing to her and she would "sing" back! It was SO cute! We decided to go to the zoo today. The zoo here has flamingos and peacocks that roam around freely and you can just walk right up to them (and they start pecking at you and your things). It's definitely not the Houston Zoo, but it was a nice little detour from the normal beachy tourist activities. Reagan wasn't super interested in any one particular thing, but she did seem to like all of the noises (the parrots scattered through the park were pretty noisy and Reagan talked back to them more than a few times). We did get stuck in a little rain storm for a bit, so we just hung out in the flamingo pavilion with the peacocks (who apparently don't like to get wet either). After the zoo, we came home and went swimming. Reagan definitely likes the water. It sure would be nice to have a pool that she could swim in our own backyard!! Tonight Reagan's nurse watched her while Mike, my mom, and I all went out for dinner at this little Italian cafe where they had a live band. It was definitely the best food/atmosphere we've had in the Bahamas. It was also open mic night and the talent was unbelievable!!!! Everyone that got up to sing was amazing! One group of girls that came in just to buy desert, they ended up convincing some of them to sing and they were awesome! Turns out they were all in the Brooklyn Tabernacle choir!!!!! It was a really neat night. Great food, great singing, and Reagan was a good girl while were gone too! Of course the little turkey was still wide awake when we got home. She's been pretty wired. I'm not sure if she's going to sleep much tonight either. Continued prayers for a happy girl are greatly appreciated (she makes us nervous when she gets this hyperactive)!!!

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Zoey's mom, Heather said...

First of all,I have no idea how I missed yesterday's post! What great day you guys had and you my friend.... Look how darling you look!!!

More great pictures today and another fabulous day for your sweet girl ... I swear, you guys should consider perhaps moving there.I would visit for sure!

Glad you 3 got out for the night too.Sounds like it was a blast.Thinking of you guys everyday and sending love and prayers.