Friday, September 2, 2011

Super sweet

Reagan slept last night. She woke this morning all smiles right around 8:15am. She's been a super sweet, easy going girl today. We had a new nurse working (to test her out...she'll actually be working Wednesdays) and everything went pretty smoothly. Reagan did try to pull another sleepy one on us right as her speech therapist got here. The nurse was reading her a book and next thing we knew...those eyes were shut. I had to pick her up, talk to her, and move her around and I was finally able to get her to come out of it. She actually did pretty well with both therapies today (she had vision this afternoon) and she never really dozed off again. I did give up on the morning dose of clonidine though. Reagan was just too sleepy the last couple her clonidine on top of already being sleepy would have really knocked her out. We were hoping to get her up to 1mg a day (to see if it helped with her "bad" days), but for now we're holding steady at 0.05mg 1x a day (pm). Not a lot of plans for this weekend...just take it easy, I guess. Hopefully we have some good/happy/awake days with our girl. Only two weeks til the Bahamas!!!

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