Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sleeping the day away

I guess we really wore Reagan out yesterday, because she has had quite the sleepy day today. We weren't really expecting a "catch up on sleep" day, since she never really went into a bad streak this go round, but today she's pretty much slept nonstop the whole day through! We didn't have any big plans today, so that was good. Reagan slept all night (even through her pump alarming multiple times) and then slept through til 3pm this afternoon. She was awake and happy for maybe 30min-1hr, just long enough for us to get her dressed thinking we'd be able to take her to Atlantis for a little while, and then she was back out (see picture below). We're hoping she'll be awake and happy tomorrow so we can take her to Atlantis to see all of the aquarium exhibits (which I think she'll love) and out into the water park.


Jamie said...

Awwww! there is always a day on vacation when you spend the day in bed! lol. Just enjoy your time mama..soak in the pool..enjoy a good book..sit on the beach..let miss Reagan sleep. :) So glad you are having a wonderfull time! :)Sometimes when my madie has bad days(which I know different from Reagan..) I just think she is bored and wanting extra attention. lol. (((hugs))) and madie kisses.

Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Precious girl with her daddy!The ocean air and water must have just zonked her. I hope you took advantage of it and really soaked up the beauty of where you are.Love to you all.