Friday, September 23, 2011

Quiet water, talkative Reagan

Last night Reagan was awake all night long "talking". She ruined any chance that Mike and I had at getting a good night's sleep and today we are both really dragging. Reagan, on the other hand, is still going strong. She's definitely wired right now. Tonight her hands and feet are also feeling a little cool and clammy. I'm not sure what that means, but as of today she's still a happy girl. It's been a very cloudy day in the Bahamas. The sun really hasn't been out all day but the water has been very calm and glassy. This morning the tide was really low and we could walk way out into the water behind our house without it ever going past our knees. It was super clear too. Mike went snorkeling (much further out than he's ever been) and saw all kinds of interesting things. He saw lots of really big starfish and even chased around a small shark! This afternoon we went over the the straw market to check out the booths/shops. It started pouring on us and we had to run for cover where we sat for a good while just waiting for the rain to pass. It wasn't really stopping so once it let up a little we went around to a few of the indoor shops. Then we went and had lunch at a Greek restaurant. (Funny...we've had Chinese, Italian, and now Greek food since we've been here!) By the time we got home, everyone was pretty pooped. Everyone, but Miss Reagan. I'm just hoping and praying she goes to sleep tonight (or at the very least, allows us to get some sleep)! I'm running on fumes right now! Please keep her in your prayers for continued good days! We're here til Sunday...

Super calm and clear water today

Reagan looking calm...but that wasn't our girl today at all.

This picture is a more accurate depiction...moving, moving, moving...even as we wait for the rain to end!

The most rain we've seen since we've been here!

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