Thursday, September 8, 2011

Out of control nausea

Reagan was up pretty much the entire night last night. She started off last night the same way as the night before...crying. Eventually she stopped and then she was just gaggy and awake. I laid on the sofa next to her (in her brown chair because she couldn't lay down) and just kept watch so she didn't choke...but I don't think she ever even dozed. She was having lots of nausea and lots of chorea (and she's super hypersensitive)...and that pretty much sums up her whole day. The nausea has been out of control all day..if she wasn't throwing up, she was gagging, retching, or making gaggy faces. This is by far the worst nausea we've seen in a very long time. She only threw up a couple times during the day but she threw up A LOT tonight. She's just so spitty, she can't control it, it's constantly choking her. I've drained a ton of fluid out of her g-tube...but that doesn't seem to be helping. She's miserable. And poor thing...she's SO tired tonight but the nausea keeps jolting her awake. I really hope she can get some sleep tonight and sleep off this nausea. Please say lots of prayers for her tonight! We need an end to this horrible bad streak!


Jamie - AZ said...

Praying for you guys for sure. Hope tonight & tomorrow is a much, much better! Love and hugs

Kerri said...

Sending tons of love and prayer your way :(

DEVIN said...

Awe, poor Regan:) can she take zofran or dramemine(probably. Not spelled right )....prayers going up!!