Saturday, September 24, 2011

One day too much?

I'm afraid that we may have pushed our luck a little. In planning this trip, we decided that we would stay 8 nights instead of the typical 7. Well, this extra day has turned out to be not such a great day. Last night before Reagan fell asleep she started getting a little crazy. She was thrashing around, biting at her hands, yelling out...she was a mess. She did finally fall asleep after a dose of clonidine. But during the night, she was up a lot again. She wasn't crazy anymore but she was more restless and on edge than the previous night (and still making lots of noises). I'm not sure how much real sleep she got. Mike got her back to sleep for a while, but I don't think that lasted more than 1-2 hrs. Needless to say, it was another long night. We also had a huge rainstorm last night and it rained most of the day we couldn't really go out and do anything. Then my sister had a crisis at work and had to get back today (instead of tomorrow), so we spent all morning trying to find a way to get her on a flight back. She couldn't get a flight out on the same airline, so my poor mom had to buy her (and her boyfriend) new tickets!! What a mess. Then tonight we decided we would try to go out to dinner. We haven't had a decent Bahamian meal since we've been here and we found this place (in a travel guide) that sounded perfect. Reagan had been good all day, a little quiet, but good. She was a little nauseous, she ha thrown up once but she seemed OK. So we headed out to this place. We didn't know exactly where it was (and it was clear on the other side of the island) so we drove around for a while trying to find it. The entrance to the place wasn't well lit (making it even harder to find), the parking lot was packed (although it was really just a gravel/dirt pit), and it was pouring rain...we decided just to blow it off and go to a different place. As we were driving around trying to find parking for the other place, Reagan started up. She started off just a little crazy, then the next thing we knew, she was full blown crying! We immediately decided to just go home (after driving around for almost 2hrs) and Reagan cried the whole way home! Once we got back, Mike laid down with her and she fell asleep fairly quickly. I'm hoping maybe she was just tired, but I know all too well that cry and I'm afraid we might be in for a rough trip back home tomorrow. Please keep her and all of us in your prayers as we've got a long day ahead of us!!

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Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Well, crap. Praying for calmness tomorrow. Really praying hard.

And that must have been some emergency at work... 2 new tickets. Wow.

Okay friend, will talk to you before long and hoping for a repeat performance on the plan trip back as it was there.