Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lots of tears

Reagan has been quite the handful today. She woke up several times last night...each time crying out like something was hurting her...but with some patting and shushing eventually she went back to sleep. This morning, however, was a different story! She woke screaming, crying and she screamed and cried for quite sometime. It sounded like she was in something was hurting her. She eventually calmed down for her nurse and has just been on edge all day ever since. Always on the verge of tears...even when she's not crying she's got tears streaming down her face...she'll sound like she wants to laugh but somehow ends up in tears. Her eyes are all red and puff, she looks absolutely pathetic. One trigger we found was talking amongst ourselves. A couple times when the nurse and I were talking about something, she'd start up with the crying. At first I thought she just didn't want us talking, that it was a matter of being overstimulated (because she sometimes does this), and many times, it was. But throughout the day she's had several meltdowns and most of them can be related back to me! I think today is a "I hate Mommy" day!!! I can't talk to her without her getting a big lip and breaking out into tears. I can't do anything without her immediately frowning and crying! This is much more mild than the typical "bad" day (she's not crying nonstop, she's not trying to injure herself, she isn't having chorea, and her hands and feet are normal temps now), but at the same time, it's much worse than she's been in weeks! I'm used to her giving Mike a hard time, but it's a little more difficult when it's me!!! Since I have to do most everything that needs to be done for her, I have no choice but interacting with her all day long. Well, she wants NONE of that today! None! I'm not really sure what's going on with her, but hopefully she gets over this and is back to loving her mommy tomorrow. I guess one good thing is the night nurse comes again tonight. That means I won't have to sit up all night with a child that hates me and cries when she hears my voice and even more when I try to hold her!! Prayers for a good girl tomorrow, please!!!!

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The VW's said...

Poor Momma! Maybe she's telling you that she wants to go back to the Bahamas, and she's mad at you for bringing her home! : ) Whatever the reason, hope she gets over it quickly! Hang in there Momma.....she loves you despite her mood right now! : ) Hugs!!!