Monday, September 12, 2011

Haircut take two

Reagan slept well again last night, so much so, she slept through til 11am!! She's been a precious girl again today. Super smiley, super sweet, and quite vocal...just a doll. Lots of moving today (not really sure if I'd call it chorea or not) but she's been very rolly and squirmy all day. Hand in the hair at all times. She's really become a pro at getting the sock off her hand. We can't use one that's at all loose or she'll have it off in two seconds...but even with a tighter one, she can still figure out how to get it off. Sometimes she uses her teeth, sometimes she puts it under her leg and then pulls it off, sometimes she puts it behind her head and pulls it off that way, and sometimes she just grabs it with her left hand and pulls it off. She's really gotten creative! That is one of her few skills that there's no doubt, it's intentional. We took her in this afternoon to get another haircut. This girl's hair grows fast like her mommy's. The same lady did it as the time before...although I think she cut it a little shorter this time around. She said she was only cutting about 1 inch or so, but then she went back in and layered it and thinned it out, cutting way more than that. It's still super cute and so much more practical. Now when she pulls it into her face, it doesn't look all still looks cute! I think it will work much better in the Bahamas too (getting in and out of the pool/ocean).

She was moving so much, we had to hold her head still (but look at her...still smiling)!

Oh, and the nurse that was supposed to start tonight...she's a no show...again!!!


Zoey's mom, Heather said...

The hair is so darling and the smile, even better!

Sent you back an email. Will try you on the way to therapy in the morning, okay?

The VW's said...

What a cutie! Love, Hugs and Prayers!!!

Kerri said...

LOVE her hair <3

Roeh Family Update said...

Love it!!!

The Martin Family said...

I love her hair cut! So cute. What agency are you using so I make sure never to use them!