Monday, September 19, 2011

Dolphin Encounter

Sleep last night was a little better for Miss Reagan. I'm pretty sure she slept all night and when I woke up at 7:20am, she was laying there awake but still groggy (I think she had just woke up). She's been a happy girl again today. Super smiley. Super sweet. So much so, we decided to seize the day and take her to do the Dolphin Encounter. We had to take a Ferry out to the island where they have the dolphins. It was a windy ride out there but the water was so amazingly beautiful. Reagan and I did the Dolphin Encounter, while Mike and Reagan's nurse Teri did the Dolphin Swim. I definitely think the swim would have been more fun, but Reagan was too young to do it and I was too pregnant!! The Dolphin Encounter was still fun...just not worth the ridiculous amount of money (none of it was, really). Reagan did seem to like the noise that the dolphin made, but she wasn't crazy about him splashing her with water!! It was difficult because I couldn't kneel on the platform like they wanted me to (and hold Reagan on my knee...I'm a little too short for that), so they had to bring a wheelchair in for us to sit on (which felt like it was going to float away at any moment). And when the dolphin would come by for us to pet, it was hard to get Reagan's arms stretched out enough to touch him. We did get a super cute picture out of it though, with the dolphin kissing Reagan on the cheek, so I guess it was worth it! It would have been nice to spend more time there, it was very deserted today and had a gorgeous beach with completely calm waters, but by the time we finished up with the dolphins and getting pictures/videos, we only had 30 min til we had to get on the last ferry of the day (I think they shut down early because there was no one there). We've talked about going back over there (just to use the beach and go snorkeling), but I just don't know if the weather (and Reagan) will cooperate or if we'll even have enough time for that. Tonight we went out to dinner and had Chinese food. It was the best and most reasonably priced food we've had since we got here. Reagan was a good girl and just sat there smiling the whole time (with her hand in her mouth, of course). She did let out a crazy laugh several times tonight...hopefully that was just a fluke and nothing becomes of it. I really want her to hang on and have at least a few more good days...we're planning on going to Atlantis tomorrow afternoon and all day Wed or Thurs. Please keep it in your prayers that our sweet girl continues to be sweet for at least the next couple days (but preferably til we get home)!!!

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Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Come on sweet girl, stay sweet!!

I am so happy that the weather has been cooperative and that Reagan has been having great days. Prayers for more of that. And, can't wait to see picture with the kissing dolphin.How darling!