Sunday, September 11, 2011

Calm and content

Reagan slept well last night. This morning she was still asleep at 8am when Mike went in and checked on her...but 15min later she was awake and had rolled over on her tube causing it to kink, pop open, and then leak all over her and her bed!!! Always a fun thing to deal with first thing in the morning. She's been a good girl again today. Still a little sleepy at times, she took a good long nap this morning (she must have not been ready to get up at 8). She's been super calm and content today. Happy to just roll around on the floor or lay in your arms. She has had some constipation issues though. She was going on a week today since her last "movement". I broke out the glycerin suppositories and she eventually went this afternoon. What's weird is that later tonight she started grunting, turning red, sweating profusely (something I've only seen her do when she's "got to go")...but she never went again. She carried on with the strange behavior for a while and then finally fell asleep and slept for 15min or so and then woke feeling fine again. Not sure what that was about. I think she's in for another good night's sleep tonight. We're supposed to have a "regular" night nurse starting tomorrow to work Monday and Wednesday nights...I'll believe it when I see it. Of course it would start on a week that Reagan is actually sleeping!! Go figure.

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Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Calm and content and a night nurse... all good stuff and praying for it all to continue.

Counting down the days until your trip . So excited for you.