Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bye bye, Bahamas

To our surprise, Miss Reagan slept the whole night through last night! She fell asleep in our bed (after her nasty tantrum) and we were so afraid of disturbing her, so we slept in the living room on the sofa!!! We had her monitor on and she moved around but she never made a peep. She woke up this morning without any smiles, but content nonetheless. It was another rainy day in the Bahamas. I guess we were lucky that we didn't have any of these days until the last two days we were here, although it would have been nice to have some sunshine and get some last minute pictures before leaving!!! It was overcast and rainy no pictures! We left the house around 10:20am with our minivan packed to the tippy top. We got to the airport with plenty of time to kill and were pleasantly surprised by the new wing of the airport full of shops and restaurants (the old wing that we were in on arrival was under construction and very old and dingy). Another nice surprise was that we weren't charged an oversize bag fee this time around (which is good because we've traveled with this bag a thousand times and it's NOT oversized). It was a challenge dragging all of our carry-on luggage through the airport but we made it. Everything went smoothly and Reagan was as good as gold the entire time. No smiles, cold clammy hands and feet, very spitty, but no who can complain?!?! She did have a liquidy dirty diaper right when our plane landed in Atlanta but we were able to get that changed before we had to board our flight to Houston. Our flight came in around 6pm, it took us a while to get all of our luggage and poor Mike really had to work to wrangle all of our things. Now we are home and we're so happy about getting to sleep in our own bed tonight! Reagan fell asleep early at 9pm (although that's 10pm Bahamas time), but she has been a little restless. Hopefully she's able to sleep tonight because we are all beyond exhausted!!! She's really fighting her hardest to avoid going into a bad streak...please continue to keep her in your prayers!!

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Glenda said...

Just curious, did Reagan sit in a regular seat on the plane and what did you do for head support? We're thinking of taking my granddaughter, Lilly, to Disneyworld in Feb. and she has no head control at all. They haven't flown with her since she was real small and they could just put her on their laps.