Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wired child

Reagan has been a goofy one today. She slept last night but she was awake and moving around when we went to bed. Now I woke a few times in the middle of the night and each time she appeared to be asleep. This morning we found her laying in bed awake, completely quiet and still, at about 8:45am. She still had sleepy eyes, but she was definitely awake. Once we picked her up, she came to life and she's been going strong ever since. Actually she's been a little wired today...OK a lot wired (but still very smiley). Lots of movement (chorea)...she's been going, going, going all day long. She had several therapies today (vision, speech, and PT) and all went well. During PT we had an equipment person come by and talk to us about car seats, walkers, and wheelchairs. Interesting stuff. Other than the car seat (the britax traveler plus is the only real option for Reagan right now), we didn't make any concrete decisions today. Lots to think about. Reagan has kept us on our toes today though, so we've kept busy. This afternoon she had a big throw up that kinda came out of no where (and another tonight). Then we gave her a bath but she's been so sweaty ever since (because of all the constant movement)...her hair has never really dried. I'm not quite sure what's going on with her. We're now seeing all signs and symptoms of a "bad" day, but with no fussiness. She's sweaty, nauseous, moving nonstop, hands and feet are cold and sweaty...but she's just as happy and smiley as can be!!! I'm clueless as to what's going on. Maybe her body is just trying to fight off the bad days...I sure hope she's successful. Sleep does not look like it will be happening tonight (for me or this hyperactive girl). Please keep her in your prayers!

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