Monday, August 15, 2011

Sweet talking girl

Today has been another great day for our girl. Reagan slept in til 11am!!! She woke up smiling away and has been a sweet heart all day. She really prefers laying on her left side...and today she was going to town swiping at a musical toy we had laying on her left. She just couldn't get enough of it. She just kept hitting it over and over again! The only problem...she rolls from her side onto her tummy and then makes her gj-tube leak. She didn't have any therapies today so her nurse took over stretching duties and I fed Reagan some peach cobbler that I put in the blender (and a bite of blue bell ice cream). We also took her for a walk this afternoon (although we didn't go far). I think we did a decent job completing the tasks on Grandma's checklist. One super cute thing Reagan was doing today...every time I'd come over near her or pick her up, she'd start "talking" to me. She wasn't doing it at all, unless I was near her. It was SO cute!! Like she had something very important to tell me. She must have done it 20 different times today...but only when I had her or was near her. Just precious! Of course for Daddy, it was the opposite. When Daddy would talk to her, she'd get really serious. And then tonight Mike yelled out "Are you ready for some football!?!?!" and Reagan broke out into tears!!! It scared her!! Poor thing. She calmed down (eventually) and has been fine the rest of the night (and nicer toward Daddy). One interesting thing...we have a night nurse scheduled to work tonight. Even though Reagan is sleeping better than she has ever slept...ever (knock on wood), they scheduled this nurse to work last week and now I don't feel like I can just cancel her last minute! So my guess is she'll end up watching the monitor all night long while Reagan snoozes! Oh well. We're not used to Reagan sleeping...this is something completely new for us. Hopefully it lasts!

Of course she smiles all day and then she's not smiling in the picture! (I don't think she liked the flash on the camera!)


Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Smiling, good days, talking and giggling AND sleeping ... amazing, wonderful,hopeful stuff! Praying for lots of these stays strung together,permanently.

Love to you all and I am so looking forward to October ... got to make those reservations. Plane and hotel. So fun it will be!!

Jamie - AZ said...

Wow all of it is great!! I love to hear Reagan is doing so good! Praying it continues forever. :) Hugs from AZ.