Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Surprisingly still good

So this morning we were ready. I had all of Reagan's stuff laid out, ready for her to wake up (in a not so great mood), so we could take her in and have the Holter monitor (24hr EKG) put on her for a "bad" day. She woke around 9:30, but she was not fussy, a little wide eyed but not fussy. Once picked up, she actually started laughing!!! We have a new nurse filling in today and Reagan really seemed to enjoy the way she was reading her stories (and singing to her). I kept hearing laugh after laugh from the other room (purposeful response to something). Then it got quiet and I went in and Reagan was asleep on her chest! We got her awake just in time for OT (boy has she missed a lot of OT lately) and she actually did a decent job...although she did get a little irritated with having to bear weight through her arms. A little while later she had speech. Thankfully she was awake and cooperative for that. Her therapist liked how she seemed to be responding to her with her laughs. Her way of communicating with us. She's been really sweet, giggly, and cuddly all day. Talk about a shocker. I was really prepared for a bad day today. I'm certainly not complaining...just shocked. Even though she slept the whole night through, she's been a little sleepy today and her eyes are a little bloodshot. We've been getting yawns all day. But put her down on the floor (like to watch a movie) and she's rolling all over the place. It's weird...when you're holding her she's fairly still and a little groggy. But when she's left to her own devices, she's actually very active, lots of moving, hands in her mouth, hands in her hair. I give up...I can't read this girl anymore. I have no clue what to expect. I'm hoping this change of pace is due to the clonidine. Maybe it's actually helping us to phase out the bad days...that's the goal anyway (although we're still at a very low dose). Thank you for your continued prayers for this precious girl!


Jamie - AZ said...

What a great surprise!! Praying the good days stay and stay! Please give Reagan a big hug from me. :)

Kristy said...

That's an awesome surprise :)