Friday, August 19, 2011

Still pretty pathetic

Reagan was pretty restless last night, she kept moving around but eventually she'd go back to sleep. She only woke up fussing once, requiring me to sit up with her til she fell back asleep again. We were up for good at 7am though. She's been a little more mellow today. She had her fussy moments, but all in all she was much more laid back than yesterday or the day before. She definitely prefers to be held. Lay her down to change her diaper and she gets quite mad. She's still pretty pathetic giving us the sad face a lot. We have heard a few laughs out of her today but some of them sound more like a laugh/cry than a laugh. Her hands and feet are icy cold today (although not as damp as yesterday). She continues to be easily startled/sensitive to noises and any air on her face (be it from the A/C or you just breathing on her). All in all, not a terrible day, but not a good day either. She fell asleep around 10:30 tonight but she's already awake again. We're just keeping an eye on her and hoping she'll fall back to sleep! Prayers for better days and decent sleep for my girl!

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