Thursday, August 18, 2011

Still off

Reagan was up again last night. Mike took the first shift. He was up with her for a while, most of the time she was asleep in his arms, but she was very restless and he was afraid to lay her down. Eventually he put her in bed and she stayed asleep. She didn't sleep too long though and I was was up with her from 4:45am til 6am...and then she was back up by 8am. She hasn't been as fussy today. She's obviously miserable and not feeling well, but she's doing a lot less crying. Her overall heart rate is elevated...she's in the 130s resting and anywhere from 160s to 200 when crying. We debated a lot about whether or not to take her in to get the portable EKG put on her...obviously yesterday was the optimal "bad" day to do it, but without a nurse, I had no way to get her in to the medical center by myself. So finally we decided we would just go ahead and take her in this afternoon and she's been pretty mellow ever since (go figure). She's still tense, but she's only had one crying episode since we've been back. She looks so pathetic though. She's got the big, sad eyes and a pouty bottom lip...she looks like she should be on some poster to raise money for sick kids! Poor girl. Her hands aren't too terribly cold, but they are extremely clammy. She's also got a very strong "bad day smell" and been very sensitive, startling/gasping at even the slightest hint of air on her face. She's not going for her hand a ton, but we decided to just put the left arm restraint on her to be safe. Of course, this afternoon she did bite her right hand and even though it was covered by a blanket, she still left a rim of teeth marks in it. So things are definitely still "off" over here. Hopefully this string of bad days won't last too terribly long and she'll be feeling better in no time! Your continued prayers are much appreciated!

I laid her down to change her diaper and she struck this disco pose! I had to take a picture (the little fanny pack around her waist is the portable EKG).

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Kerri said...

Where do you get your strength? My heart and prayers are with you guys. You give me inspiration. Thank you for being so amazing.I can't say it enough how beautiful Reagan is. Hang in there and a HUGE congratulations on your pregnancy! Hope you can find some rest!
Big Hugs!!