Friday, August 26, 2011

Spitty spitter

I'm not sure how much Reagan actually slept last night. I think she slept for a few hours but then we could hear her "talking" over the monitor. She went on and that point, she was clearly awake for good. We tried to continue to sleep but she kept cracking us up! Finally Mike went in there and laid down beside her for a little bit, when he got up and came back into our room, we clearly heard her say DA over the monitor. So cute! She's been a sweetie all day today. The chorea was clearly reduced, she would kick around a little, but there were times where she was totally still and relaxed (way different from yesterday). Her temperature regulation was back to normal today as well. The only thing that was still "off"...she was super spitty all day long and threw up quite a few times this morning. No clue what that was about. She only had one therapy today...speech. She interacted with the therapist and seemed to be enjoying herself. She really was a sweet girl all day today. She gave us giggles (in response to a stimulus) and lots of smiles. We just had to be careful with positioning her, it seemed any pressure on her tummy would make her nauseous. And we couldn't lay her down at all because she'd start choking on her spit. She was precious though...I'm just hoping she'll get some sleep tonight.

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