Monday, August 22, 2011

Sleepy day

Well Reagan has thrown us for a loop today. Not in a bad way, just unexpected. Reagan slept the whole night through last night and then slept pretty much the entire day today. Since her last bad cycle wasn't really that bad, we were thinking she would probably skip her sleepy day. Nope. Today was the day. This week school started and this morning, we thought, she was supposed to have her first visit by the school speech therapist. She was supposed to be here at 11am, so around 10:30am we started "trying" to wake Reagan up. We changed her diaper, changed her clothes, fixed her hair, moved her out of her bed and into the playroom...nothing. We could not get her to wake up. As it turns out, it didn't matter because the speech therapist was a no show anyway (and since she's new, I didn't even have her name or her number to call and find out what happened...turns out it was just miscommunication and she'll be coming next week). Reagan finally woke up around 12:30 but she was still very out of it and fell back to sleep quickly. All afternoon it seemed she would wake up...she'd roll to her side and stretch and then she'd be back out. Each time you think she's going to wake up, but each time she just dozes right back off. I got a call from the nursing agency to tell me that the night nurse was scheduled to work tonight. I told them it wasn't really necessary, Reagan slept all day and I'm sure will sleep all night tonight. But they spoke with the nurse and apparently she really wants to work (I guess she needs to get paid), so since she was already scheduled, I felt obligated to just let her come. So it looks like we're going to have a night nurse tonight (for no apparent reason). It's crazy, when we need someone, we can't get anyone. And when we don't need anyone, we have to let them come! Very frustrating!!

One arm wrapped around her neck and the other up in her hair (of course)!


Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Peaceful girl. Hoping everyone got another good nights rest and that tomorrow she is more awake and giggly and smiley and her precious little self.

herbal medicines said...

i like your sleeping style.Keep it up!