Monday, August 8, 2011

Sleep, throw up, and a passport

Reagan slept well last night (to my surprise). She woke up right around 9am but the smiles were gone. She had the wide eyed startled look on her face. She wasn't fussy, just tense. She watched some Sesame Street while I gave her medicines. Her nurse had put her pulse ox on and her resting heart rate was back up in the 150s. Then right around 10:15am I heard her pulse ox going off, I went in there and her heartrate was 186 (setting off the alarm) and she was throwing up. After she threw up, she fell asleep. Poor girl. She was really zonked. We changed her outfit, put her in the car, drove to the post office for our passport appt, took her in and did the whole appt without her ever waking up (thank goodness they accepted the picture of her before we chopped her was impossible to get another picture of her that fit all the strict requirements of a passport photo). I opted to NOT expedite her passport (and save $60) because we're right on the edge of the 4-6 week time line. Please keep it in your prayers that we get it back quickly so we're not panicking about whether or not it's going to come in time!!! We leave Sept 17th and that's just short of 6 weeks away. So exciting!!! Anyway, Reagan did wake up for a couple minutes just as we were leaving the passport office, but then I glanced back at her in her carseat and she was already back out again!!! She remained asleep and we even ran a few errands before coming back home. She made the transition into the house still asleep but then she only slept for another 30 min or so before waking up. She woke up, same as this morning. Not fussy, just wide eyed and tense. We did get a couple laughs out of her by making a high pitched sneezing sound. Of course, it was the saddest, most pathetic little laugh you've ever heard! She's definitely not feeling herself today. Very sleepy. Very sad. Hopefully she'll sleep tonight. She's still tired, but she's pretty restless. Please continue to keep her in your prayers!!!

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Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Prayers for passports, prayers for sleep, prayers all around.

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Thank you for being my friend, that is worth a double smile :) :)