Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Singing and pregnancy update

Reagan slept well last night and then actually slept in this morning til about 10am. She woke happy and smiley. She had OT this morning and did great. Then her teacher came by to talk, she'll be starting next week. Same teacher, the one we love, so that's great. Then she had speech. Another busy day. Next week (when all the school therapies are in full swing) will be even busier. Reagan was so cute this afternoon. I laid down beside her and she was "talking" to me (she's been doing this a lot lately with me). It actually sounded more like singing (like Ariel from the little mermaid). I started singing back to her and then she would sing back to was SO cute. By the time the nurse grabbed the video camera, she stopped performing. She has felt a little sweaty/clammy today (her whole body), but otherwise it's been a perfect day for our little one. Today I went in for my 12 week nuchal translucency screening, since I'll be over 35 (by a few months) when I have this baby, I'm in the "high risk" category. Good news, everything looks good. They still haven't completed the entire test (which includes some blood work), but the ultrasound results were good. My last ultrasound was at 7.5 weeks and it was very fuzzy and hard to tell what was what (looked like a fuzzy blob). In this one, you could actually see a lot. It looks like a BABY. It was even moving around. Weird. I'm still dealing with nausea. Never throwing up, just that sick feeling that makes you miserable. Hopefully that will be over with soon so I can start eating normally (ie healthy) again. Lately it seems all I can eat are carbs. I went from a low carb/high protein diet to an ALL carb diet! Not good. My complexion is also going crazy. I went from having a very clear complexion to having bumps all over my face and constant breakouts. Ugh...these pregnancy hormones are really doing a number on me. It was exactly the same with Reagan. Other than that, my only continuing issue is my back. My doctor seems to think it's pregnancy related but I don't know. It's not as bad as it was originally, but I still feel it off and on throughout the day. That's all. That's the pregnancy scoop. I try not to talk too much about it on the blog, because the focus here is Reagan, but I would appreciate your continued prayers for a smooth pregnancy and healthy baby!!!

head (on right) and body/legs (on left)

head w/ arm

butt with legs bent and feet together at top


Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Crap friend I am ... no facetime AND I didn't check on you after your appointment. Forgive me please I WILL call tomorrow so we can chat face to face.Promise. Really. Till then prayers for you all. All 4 of you!!

Still can't believe that a young thing like you wants to hang with an old lady like me!

jocalyn said...

thanks for sharing the pictures! glad things are going well.

you are always in our prayers.

and...that baby is going to be a big, amazing part of reagan's life! so, you should definitely talk about her/him on your blog :)


Jamie - AZ said...

Great pics! She/He is really starting to look like a baby! Amazing how fast the development happens. Glad everything is going good! Please share your baby news with us so we know how to pray better for you. :) Give Reagan hugs from us! Keeping you all in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the pregnancy. I hope you are able to enjoy food very soon.

Jenefer in San Jose

Jackson's Blog said...

So glad to hear things are going well with pregnancy! Such great news! Need to catch up!!