Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Return of the bad days

Reagan was a handful last night (and today for that matter). She finally went to bed last night some time around 11pm. But she woke back up at 2:15am and refused to lay in her bed...she cried until I picked her up, then she was fine. She was actually pretty wired...kicking around like crazy in my arms. I stayed up with her from 2:15am-4:45am when she eventually fell back to sleep. It was short-lived though and she was back up by 5:30am...this time Daddy got up with her. He tried to lay her back down a while later, but she was not having it, and he had to get back up with her. Sometime between 6-7 he got her back to sleep and he came back to bed. I got up before 8am...knowing we were supposed to have a nurse that had only worked here once (I didn't want her to knock on the door and make the dog bark...waking up Reagan). So I waited. It appeared we had a no show. At 8:30am I called the nursing agency. They couldn't get a hold of her either. Needless to say, she never came and I never heard a word back from the agency (big surprise). Reagan slept in til sometime around noon when she woke with a vengeance. Nonstop screaming crying. I had gone to the grocery store and by the time I got back, I think Mike was about to have a nervous breakdown. He had had all he could take and left to go play golf (he's off all week this week). After a couple hours of screaming nonstop, I broke out the Lortab (tylenol/hydrocodone)...a few minutes later, she was sleeping peacefully. That lasted not quite 2.5 hrs and then she woke screaming again. After that, it was screaming, short nap, screaming nonstop, short nap, etc... I've drained a good amount of fluid out of her g-tube, so things are definitely off in her GI system as well. But overall, she's just all around miserable. This was what we were hoping to avoid...and we did for over two weeks...but here it is again the "return of the bad days" and we don't like it one bit! Please keep her in your prayers!!


The Martin Family said...

Hopefully she'll get the bad days out of the way before the trip! Maybe a few bad days before will equal good trip!! Praying for you guys. Lori

Clarissa said...

hoping her origial cycle is broken and she will have longer stretches of good days now... although, it almost makes the bad days harder to bear after getting so many good days in a row. thats how it is over here anyway. praying for you all. hang in there!