Thursday, August 4, 2011

Precious one

Reagan has been a precious girl today. She slept the whole night through (which is more than I can say for myself) and then she woke this morning all smiles. We loaded her into the car and took her straight back to the cardiologist to get the leads/fanny pack put on her for the 24hr EKG. It was super quick (and felt a little deja vu-ish...weren't we just here yesterday) and we were on our way back home in no time. Reagan was funny...even though she was awake and smiling, she was keeping her eyes either very squinted or closed! She did this a lot today. She had Speech this morning and fell asleep at the end of it. She took a little nap and then her PT woke her while getting a good stretch on those tight heel cords. She woke up happy and stayed awake the rest of the afternoon. We interviewed another potential nurse...who we got the feeling she thinks she's too qualified to work with us...she usually works with trach patients (code for...she doesn't have to do much interacting with most of her patients). She's supposed to fill in tomorrow when our usual nurse is out on vacation. We'll see. Then at 3:45pm, we headed back into town for another appt at the orthotics place (another deja vu moment). We spoke to them about a helmet for Reagan to keep her from biting herself. It was a quick appt. They just took some measurements and we told them what we are looking for. Hopefully they're able to make some adjustments to what's already available to keep those little fingers out of those razor sharp jaws on her bad days. Tonight Reagan has been all eyes. FINALLY...she's got those eyes wide open and looking right at us. Not sure why she's been so squinty today. We never know anything with this girl. Always guessing. Always. I'm just happy to have my sweet girl back!!!

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Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Precious one .. I do believe I will be getting my hands on your precious self,in October!!I am so excited about that.

Love to you all and praying for a string of happy, good, smiley days!