Monday, August 29, 2011

No smiles and not much sleep

Reagan was a real handful last night. She fell asleep around 10:30 and Mike put her in bed. We didn't get to bed til midnight and she woke not 30min later!!! I got up with her but I could tell she was still tired. She fell asleep on my lap fairly quickly, but woke the second I tried to get up to take her back to bed! I was able to get her back to sleep but this time I didn't even attempt her bed, I just put her in her brown chair in the living room (and relocated the snoring dog to our room). Mike thought he heard her moving around so he got up but she was asleep, so he just repositioned her and went back to sleep. I only had a few hours to sleep because I had to take my mom to the airport at 5am! When I got back Reagan was quiet, but I think awake. I let her be and tried to get another hour of sleep (I had to get up at 7am because I had a tennis match this morning in the heat). Reagan never fell back to sleep. She was in a decent mood though and I even got a few giggles out of her. She did get super upset this morning when her nurse was changing her diaper and she managed to get a hold of her finger and bite through the skin (no blood though). Other than that, she's been pretty mild mannered all day today. No smiles but a few giggles. Tonight I downloaded the fart piano app on my cell phone and that really got some laughs out of her. This girl loves her farts! Reagan's nurse hates that word...she won't even say it. When we were in Seattle I bought a book "Everybody Farts" for her to read to Reagan (knowing her aversion to the word) but instead she says something else. Can't say the F word!! Reagan's still very clammy and had one little burp/spit up this morning but I think she's headed in the right direction. Hopefully we'll have our happy (and sleeping) girl back in the very near future!! I miss those smiles!!

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Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Hoping sleep does not remain elusive for you all tonight. You need after you long, hot day in the sun. Better have hydrated my pregnant friend.

Going to the previous post to check out the canopy. Not having a cover was a huge draw back for me, opposed to a stroller but now, you who is always, always keeping Zoey and I in your thoughts, have saved the day again!

No talk today. Wondering if you will ever talk to me again.Hope so.