Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Living on the edge

Reagan has actually had another pretty decent day (knock on wood)!!! She slept through the night til 9am again. I found her completely sideways in her bed this morning! She was surprisingly calm and dare I say even a little happy! We've gotten quite a few laughs out of her today...although some of them have been the sad, pathetic laughs. Then around 11am this morning she had a meltdown. That's it, we thought. The bad days are starting. But she only cried for 5-10min and then fell asleep. When she woke up, she was fine. Her PT came and worked with her and she was actually doing a great job sitting at her little blue bench. Head control looked great. Then her therapist stretched her (which she did fine with) and put her in the stander. She didn't last long in the stander before she started fussing and then crying. She recovered, although ever since she hasn't been quite the same. You can tell she's on edge. The fussiness could take over at any moment, but so far, she's still hanging in there. She's been slightly gaggy today, we've drained her g-tube but she doesn't have ton of stuff coming out of it. Her hands and feet are still normal temps, although her heartrate is still fairly elevated. I'm not sure what tonight holds for us...I hope sleep, but if not I've got plenty of junk tv recorded to keep me awake.


Jamie said...

ohh sweet girl :) I tell ya when we first began madie in a stander she screamed like it was tourture! Now, she can last about 30-40 min in the dang thing! she loves the perspective of being "up" Keep workin those little muscles Reagan! :)!

The Martin Family said...

Yeah for good days! Yeah for bad days. It's all days you get to spend time together. Thoughts and prayers to you and yours.