Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A little off

So, last night Reagan slept like a rock...but she woke up at 5:30am and the nurse picked her up. I'm not sure if she had left her alone if she would have fallen back asleep or not. My guess is yes. Tonight we are going to try it without the nurse and see what happens. I looked back and the last time Reagan didn't sleep through the night was two weeks ago...an all time record...but also the last time the night nurse worked. Of course that was when she was recovering from a bad streak and not sleeping anyway...but it's amazing to think that she's been sleeping through the night for two weeks straight!!! Amazing. Definitely an answer to prayers!!! This morning when I got up Reagan was awake and sitting in her brown chair in front of the night nurse. I got down and talked to her and immediately she started "talking" back to me, like she was doing yesterday. It was too cute! Then I moved her into the living room and had her down on the floor in front of a movie while I fixed her medicines. Reagan's day nurse came in and we chatted and then I tried to pick up Reagan...she gave me the fat lip and tears!!! ME!!! I couldn't believe it! She was fine just 30min earlier and now she was crying when I picked her up! Crazy. She was fine for her nurse so she took her into her playroom. Mike came in and tried to kiss her good morning...same thing, fat lip and tears!!! Helloooooo?!?!? We are your parents!!! What's funny is that she does this to Mike all the time, and on a rare occasion she'll do it to me, but she's NEVER done it to both of us at the same time!!! Then her OT came and worked with her and she was as good as gold. She actually had the best session she's ever had with her! Mike kept saying, "look at her in there smiling for a complete stranger!!!" (not really a stranger, but she doesn't see this therapist a lot, certainly not enough to prefer her over US) I'm beginning to wonder whether this is just her being feisty or if she's just not feeling well. She has had a low grade fever yesterday and today (99) and today her whole body felt clammy. Something just doesn't look right to me. Maybe she's fighting off bad days. Who knows. You know how yesterday we took Reagan for a walk...we were only outside maybe 15min max...today we found multiple mosquito bites to show for it! On her leg she's got three huge ones, all in a row. She's got two little ones on her neck and three little ones on her arm! Those mosquitoes got her good. What's crazy...I didn't notice any mosquitoes at all (or I would have sprayed her). I didn't think they hung out in 100 degree weather with no sign of rain. I guess I was wrong! What's worse, Reagan is particularly sensitive to mosquito bites and it usually takes weeks for them to finally go away! Ugh. Well, I'm not sure what tonight holds, but please keep it in your prayers that she can pull out of this funk and continue to give us more good days (and sleep-filled nights)!

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