Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A little groggy, but precious

Reagan slept like a rock last night (of course...we had a night nurse)! She woke around 8am this morning, as sweet and smiley as can be. She's been in a great mood all day today. A little groggy at times, but precious. She had OT this morning and PT this afternoon...check out the pictures below of her playing possum during PT. She was trying to fall asleep but we wouldn't let her. She did, however, take a little cat nap tonight (she dozed off while watching a movie). She definitely seems to be feeling more "herself" today. That's a good thing, because tomorrow she's got a busy day of therapy ahead of her. Rest up little one!

The first two pics were during OT this morning...

The second two during PT this afternoon...so pathetic!


Jamie said...

ohhh Miss Reagan. therapy is exhausting!but we gotta see you sittin strong on your own!Lots of hugs from ct.

Jennifer said...

So precious!!