Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cranky (& Abilities Expo Info)

Reagan slept most of the night last night. She fell asleep around 10:30pm and then slept til 3:30 or 4am. She woke fussy so I got up with her. She was kicking and screaming and going crazy, so Mike got up and took her from me. He was up with her from 4 til about 5:30am, when she fell back to sleep and slept til 8:15am. She was still pretty cranky when she woke up. She seemed to prefer being in her brown chair than being held today. She still had a nasty snarl on her face (and lots of chorea), but at least she was quiet. Pick her up and immediately she would start fussing. Tonight she's been a little better. You could hold her without her going crazy (although she's still really zoned out). Grandma even got a few laughs out of her when blowing raspberries on her thighs. I'm hoping she'll sleep tonight and wake up feeling more herself tomorrow. My mom and I did get away for a few hours this afternoon to go to the Abilities Expo in Houston. We saw a few interesting things. I was able to show her the wheelchair that we've been looking at. They also had this new car seat (that won't be available until next year) called the carrot...not sure if we should wait for that to come out or just get the Britax Traveler Plus. We also saw a mom pushing a little girl in a wheelchair with the cutest sunshade on it...turns out, the mom makes them and they are SO neat!! Emma's Exquisite Canopies. They're not cheap, but nothing is when it comes to special needs, and I think they are probably well worth it in the long run. Plus they are completely customizable. She said if there's a fabric or pattern you want, just let her know and she'll do her best to work with you. We'll definitely be getting one, when we decide on which color scheme to go with on Reagan's wheelchair.


jocalyn said...

thanks for sharing! googling now.

jocalyn said...

$160...are you kidding me?!