Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Busy day, lots of laughs

Reagan didn't sleep much last night. We were supposed to have a night nurse but yet again our nursing company dropped the ball. She was happy though and had no problem laying in her bed...she just wasn't sleeping!!! Lots of laughing though. This morning she was a little groggy (and nauseous). Happy but groggy. She had back to back OT and then "school". She actually did pretty well during OT, but by the time her teacher got here, she was worn out. She pulled through though and by the end she had more energy and was acting more herself. She also had PT this afternoon and spent an hour in the stander. Busy day. She kept her happy attitude all day today. Lots of laughs, lots of smiles. It's nice to see smiles again. We've got an early day tomorrow with an immunology appt at 8:15am...so hopefully my girl gets some sleep tonight.

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