Saturday, July 30, 2011

Worse day

Reagan decided to give us a run for our money today. Yesterday wasn't all that bad of a bad day...but today she turned it up a notch! She fell asleep last night in her brown chair, so we put a monitor by her in the living room and we tried to get some sleep. Not long after laying down, I could hear her moving around. 30min later, she started fussing. I got up with her and got her back to sleep in an hour or so. I put her back in her chair and I tried to lay back in bed. She was restless though and I couldn't sleep knowing she was moving around (without me being able to see her). So I got up and laid on the sofa. There I tossed and turned all night. She moved around a lot, but never fully woke up. She's done a lot of that today as well. When she's awake, she's fussing and crying, but thankfully she's slept off and on most of the day (in our arms or in her brown chair). She has had her precious moments though. She looks up at you with those huge eyes that just make your heart melt! She's a doll...but she can also be a little devil. Biting and flailing...she has not been a happy camper. And lay her down to change her diaper...she cries and holds her breath til she turns purple! She's a handful, that's for sure! Please continue to keep her in your prayers!!

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Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Little love, I am sending you peaceful, restful prayers across the miles.Give mommy and daddy a break but mostly, rest that precious body of yours, okay?