Monday, July 11, 2011

Very nauseous with a side of fussy

Instead of things getting better, today things seemed to be getting worse! Last night she started getting fussy again. She's been pretty calm and quiet the last couple days and then out of no where, she's fussing and crying again (just before bedtime). I figured she was just tired. She dozed off some time around midnight and by the time I laid down in bed, she was already awake again and fussing. I got back up with her and she'd doze off but the second I tried to move her, she'd wake again crying! Finally around 2am I got her stay asleep and I was able to lay down, but an hour and a half later, she was back up and crying. She fell back to sleep around 5am and then I woke at 7 to find her already awake (but not crying). She seemed to be feeling better and was good all morning...even though she was very nauseous and gaggy (she had a couple really big throw ups). Then right around noon, she started crying again. It's just so hard to tell if she's crying because she's in pain or if she's crying because she's tired. She had a lot of gas this morning, so maybe her tummy was just hurting her...who knows. After a couple hours of crying, she finally settled down and has been good the rest of the afternoon. The nausea is a little out of control though. She's fighting nonstop to control the's like a faucet! It's making her retch constantly. Poor thing, she's trying to smile through it, I wish she'd just fall asleep so it could pass. Please keep her in your prayers!
(PS...Tonight we're giving night nursing a try. I'll let you know how that goes!)

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jocalyn said...

glad to hear you're trying night nursing. we may not be far behind you! let us know how it goes. you guys need your rest!!!