Sunday, July 31, 2011

Testing my patience

Reagan was a real turkey again today. Last night she slept in her brown chair til about 5:30, when we heard her fussing. I got up with her and then Mike took over, but she didn't really do much sleeping after that. In fact, she didn't take a single nap all day long! She's been very spitty today (the thick, gunky kind of spit) and this morning she had a big throw up because of it. That was the only throw up and she hasn't really been nauseous at all today. I did drain some fluid (some of it yellow bile) out of her stomach though, so I'm not sure what's going on there. Today she's definitely been better for her Daddy. For me, she's been moany, fussy, and crying. I hand her over to Mike and she's fine (at first, anyway). She's been a real handful today. I did something to my back sleeping on the couch Fri night and it's definitely been hard to hold her, since she's always moving around and she's not happy just holding still, you have to continuously change positions with her. It's definitely been a long day. There have been times that I wanted to scream! And then there have been times where she's been just as sweet and cute as can be!!! This girl...she really knows how to test our patience! Reagan has been so high maintenance this weekend...I've got a house full of dishes and laundry, so I'm just waiting for the nurse to get here tomorrow so I can attempt to get caught up on everything!!! Please continue to keep Reagan in your prayers! We tried putting her in her bed tonight...hopefully she'll get some decent sleep!!


Jamie - AZ said...

So sorry to hear Reagan wasn't feeling good today. I can only imagine how tired and drained you are! I'm so sorry. Sending prayers for peaceful sleep and happy days tomorrow. Hugs!!

The VW's said...

Hope you got some good sleep lastnight! Congrats on your pregnancy! How exciting! I'll be praying for you! Big Hugs!!!