Friday, July 1, 2011

Sweet Dreams

Reagan FINALLY slept last night!!! She was OUT all night long. She didn't wake til we transferred her to the car this morning at 6:45am for our drive to Texas Children's to get her gastric emptying scan done. She was wide awake the whole ride in, while we waited, and as they prepared her for the scan and gave her 4oz of formula (with a radioactive tracer in it) as a bolus through her g-tube!!! I was worried about the volume, the fact that it was given quickly (in less than 5min), and the fact that it was going into her stomach and she hasn't had that volume of liquid in her stomach since she stopped eating by mouth! At first she was sounding a little gurgly in her throat and I was worried that something might be coming back up...but by the time they moved her under the scanner...she was already out cold! She slept through the entire test and it's a good thing because there wasn't much room for her to move around under that thing (totally closterphobic)! They didn't do the longer version that the doctor requested just the 1.5hr test...apparently the GI doc and radiologist have an ongoing argument over the validity of the longer test...but the radiologist won this time! Reagan continued sleeping all the way home and for several hours after we got back! She woke up just long enough to see her speech therapist and then fell back asleep shortly thereafter while cuddling with Mommy. It's so nice to see her relaxed and finally able to sleep. Her hands and feet are back to normal temps. When she's awake, she's happy and smiling! Yeah! My girl is back!!! Sweet dreams!


Jamie - AZ said...

Praise God that is finally some great news!! :) Lets hope all of it continues. Get some rest while you can, and just know you guys are in our daily prayers. Hugs to you and the princess!!

Zoey's mom said...

Praying for more of the same tonight and lots of smiles and giggles tomorrow.