Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stressed and moany

Reagan didn't sleep well last night (she actually slept better before I attempted to go to bed). Mike and I didn't get to bed til after midnight and then Reagan woke less than an hour later fussing. She was up and down like that all night long. It was a long night. I was still feeling nauseous (could be leftover nausea from the weekend...could be the chopped beef sandwich I ate at 10pm last night) and getting up and down like that all night sure didn't help! She's still very stressed/moany today. Very zoned out. Super sweaty hands and feet. Lots of chorea...she's moving, moving, moving. We're SO ready for the bad days to be over and the good days to return. We feel like we were jipped last week with this nasty stomach virus interrupting her good streak! I'm not sure what tonight holds as far as sleep goes. Let's put it this way...I'm not holding my breath! Please continue to keep my stressed little one in your prayers!!

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ANewKindOfPerfect said...

I hope this bad streak ends quickly so you can all get some rest. We are in the middle of a bad streak too. :(