Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Still sweet

Reagan has been a sweetie again today. She didn't sleep much last night (if any), but she was content to lay in her bed all night. Mike tried laying with her and she did fall back to sleep (for a little while anyway) but she was very "twitchy" and just not sleeping soundly. We're working on weaning her off the Neurontin (which we were hoping would help with the bad days), I'm hoping once she gets off of that, the twitching will go away! She's been very snuggly today...I think it's partially from being tired. She only had one therapy today (several of her therapists are out this week), but she did well for it and was super sweet. She did freak out when Mike came home at lunch and started talking to her. Immediately the big lip came out and she started crying!! I don't know if he just startles her or what...but sometimes just the sound of his voice can set her off! She recovered and has been fine with Daddy all night. I really hope she can get some sleep tonight. Something tells me we are nearing the end of our good cycle. Tonight she's been a little cold and clammy...but she's still smiling! Boy do I love this girl! Below are a few pics of Bear laying beside her. He never does this (he's usually pretty scared of her)...

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Zoey's mom said...

Little love bug!

Sorry we didn't connect again.I was gone until 7 and I am emotionally spent.Such a sad day.Hope you got my message and we will most definitely connect in the morning.

Love an prayers.Lots of it.