Friday, July 8, 2011

Still fussy

Today has been another yuck day for Miss Reagan. She slept fairly well. She fell asleep in the living room in her brown chair around 9:30pm. Mike stayed in there with her til midnight and then I moved to the sofa at midnight and slept beside her til 5am when she woke fussing. I picked her up and just held her and she eventually fell back asleep on me. She'd wake, fuss, and then fall asleep again. She's continued to do that off and on all day today. She's not sleeping as much as she did yesterday, but she's still pretty groggy. She's also very agitated! She's got a scowl on her face nonstop, she's very tense, and can't sit still. Constantly trying to get at those hands (so we have to keep both arm restraints on her at all times). Meanwhile those poor hands and feet are so clammy they're practically wet! Poor thing! She's not crying as much, more fussing than crying (although lay her down to change her diaper and she'll start crying for sure)! She fell asleep at 9:30pm tonight and seems to be sleeping pretty soundly...hopefully she'll get a decent night's sleep and feel a little better tomorrow. Baby steps. A couple more days and we'll have our happy girl back again. (Just finished the blog at 11:30 and she's already awake again!!!)

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