Sunday, July 10, 2011

So spitty

Reagan didn't sleep much last night. Mike stayed up with her til 3am (she fell asleep in her brown chair around 2:30am) and then I woke at 6am and found her quiet but awake. She was up for the day (and hasn't taken a single nap)!! When I first got up with her, it seemed she might be turning a corner. She was laughing for me and everything. But as the day went on, she got more serious and the laughs were few and far between. She was SO spitty today and this morning she had a big (unexpected) foamy throw up when I was changing her diaper. I was able to drain some fluid from her g-button. She seems to be having more of an issue with the increased spit, than the actual nausea itself. Other than the one throw up, there hasn't been any retching or gagging or anything (which is awesome)! There was less nonstop chorea today, it seemed to come more in spurts. She was also a little more mellow (at times) today and we tried to give her some freedom from her arm restraints. Unfortunately, she took advantage of that and bit herself a couple times without breaking the skin but hard enough to make her cry. Although her hands and feet have continued to be cold and clammy, there was one point tonight that I felt them and they were finally a normal temperature (for the first time in days). I definitely think we're headed toward better days this week! I'm not sure whether tomorrow will be the day or Tuesday...but we're getting there and I can't wait to see my happy girl again!!! Thank you for your continued prayers!


Jamie - AZ said...

I hope tomorrow will be better and Reagan is back to her happy self. Sending prayers for sure! :)

Zoey's mom said...

Come on better days... mommy and daddy and Reagan need some rest.

Love and prayers as always.