Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Well, last night Reagan finally slept!! Of course, it happened on the first night we had a night nurse (who ended up doing absolutely nothing all night long)!!! We knew this would happen with night nursing and that's part of the reason we've been hesitant to pursue it! I also wasn't crazy about the fact that the agency wanted to just send this lady over at 10pm without me ever meeting (or approving of her) beforehand. After I told them that was not going to happen, they made her come by at 6pm yesterday just to meet us. I wasn't in love with her (and I could tell she wasn't looking forward to working on a bad night) but she was better than some of the people they've been sending out. I don't think she'll work long term though, so I told the agency to keep looking! Reagan was nauseous up until when she fell asleep last night at 10:45pm. The nurse got here at 11 (Mike had told her she could come an hour late), to be honest, we were just happy that Reagan had already fallen asleep (I didn't want some stranger putting my girl to bed)! Reagan slept through til noon or so when she woke up for only a short while (smiling) and then fell back to sleep. She was up again tonight for maybe an hour or two before dozing back off again. She was precious when she was awake though! Very talkative and smiley! I'm so excited for the good days ahead (and sleep)!!!

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