Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Restless girl

Last night we got an unexpected surprise! At 10pm we had a knock on our front was the night nurse!!! I wasn't expecting her to work because she had worked the day shift for us on Monday when Reagan's regular nurse called in sick! And I'm actually more comfortable with her now that I've seen her interact with Reagan during the day (on one of her worst days). So that was nice, Mike and I got an uninterrupted night's sleep! Reagan was awake, asleep, awake, asleep all night it definitely would have been a long night for me! Reagan is still super restless, ice cold clammy hands and feet, very tense, and just has that stressed/zoned out look on her face. When you talk to her, she wrinkles up her eyebrows and gives you the stink eye! She's not a happy girl right now. She's also made the occasional gagging sound maybe we're close to being through with these nasty bad days!?!?! I did hear from the nursing agency this afternoon that Reagan's regular nurse (that comes Mon/Tue, Thurs/Fri) is still sick and headed to the ER! She's having some persisting cramping and stomach pains from the virus. I'm still feeling nauseous, but that's another story. I'm a little concerned about the sleep situation tonight. I'm sitting here falling asleep in my chair and Reagan hasn't dozed off for longer than 5 seconds and then she's hyper alert, kicking, kicking, kicking! I hope we get some sleep tonight! Please keep it in your prayers that she gets over this quickly and starts having good days again! Also...please keep Hudson in your prayers...his mom just posted tonight that he's in the ICU! Poor baby!!

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