Friday, July 29, 2011

Not too bad, bad day

It's been a long day for my little girl. As you might recall, Reagan had fallen asleep last night but then woke back up and was laughing in her bed. Eventually the laughing turned into crying, so we picked her back up and the nurse took over around 11:30pm. According to the nurse, Reagan slept most of the night off and on. But from 2-4pm she was wide awake and crying. I'm just amazed that she slept as much as she did! Today she seemed a little groggy but she didn't really take many naps (and when she did, they were short). Overall, she was very fussy today but not crying nonstop. She's definitely had her moments though. Her hands and feet were still normal temps this morning, but by this afternoon they had changed to cold and clammy. Tonight she seemed a little more laid back...she'd fuss here and there but overall she hasn't been too irritable. You can tell, she wants to laugh...every now and then we're able to get something out of her that resembles a laugh. I'm not sure how much sleep we'll all be getting tonight...but hopefully some! Please keep our sweet girl in your prayers!!

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Zoey's mom, Heather said...

The prayers are always coming your way. always.