Sunday, July 17, 2011

Killer stomach bug

We have had one sick house over here! Reagan had the worst of it on Friday, I had the worst of it on Saturday, and now Mike, my mom and Reagan's nurse are all feeling it today! Let me tell you...I have never felt sicker than I did yesterday. I was throwing up...a lot. I had the cold sweats, I had the hot sweats. I was so weak I could barely stand over the toilet! It was a LONG night. Mike took care of Reagan (who was very gaggy and fighting sleep) and I just laid in bed watching the clock. Today I'm super sore and achey. I feel like I've been run over by a truck! Now I know what my poor girl was going through Friday. I'm hoping Mike and my mom get by without having to go through what Reagan and I had to go through. Reagan finally pooped today (after two liquid glycerin suppositories). Poor girl, I'm sure that wasn't helping her upset stomach! She's been pretty cranky this afternoon (with cold clammy hands and feet off and on)...I think this stomach virus has brought on her bad days a little quicker than normal. I think we'll probably keep her on pedialyte over night and hopefully switch back over to formula tomorrow. It's been a rough couple days...please pray that this bad streak is short and mild (and that this stomach bug goes back where it came from)!!!


Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Praying it all away.If only it were that simple.

Abbey said...

I hate stomach bugs!! They are so evil. The kids usually seem to be happier through the nasty portion than the adults. Praying that you guys are on the mend and Reagan doesnt have many bad days (none at all would work too!)