Saturday, July 2, 2011

Just precious!

Reagan slept all night last night and woke up smiling this morning! She's been a doll all day today. My mom flew in this morning and I'm so glad that she's been here to see Reagan having such a great day! Reagan has been happy, smiley, talky and still a little drowsy today! She took a nice nap this afternoon and then fell asleep smiling snuggling with me and then with Daddy sometime around 10pm. She went on two walks today with Grandma and has been nothing but precious all day long. Definitely an answer to prayers!

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Zoey's mom said...

Precious ... doesn't get any better than that!Prayers for more of the same.Hello to you mom and,by the way, I REALLY need to stow away in your suitcase come the fall.i really do!