Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Good day for my girl

Reagan has been a complete doll today. She woke me up at 6:30am this morning "talking" in her bed. She's been super smiley and very vocal all day today! Today we had a new nurse step in to fill our Wednesday spot (which always seems to be open). She's probably one of the best prospects they've sent out in quite a while. She has a very good attitude and seems to be on top of things, so I hope maybe she'll turn out to be a regular. Reagan couldn't have been better and was "on" all day. She was rolling all over the place, crunching in half (which was driving her OT crazy because she was trying to get her to sit up), & babbling up a storm! It was too cute! I just LOVE good days like these! Today I also got a very disturbing email from an ex-friend of mine. Can you imagine being friends with someone since 3rd grade and then having them dump on you during the most difficult part of your life?? Well, that's what she did. Right around the time that Reagan was diagnosed with infantile spasms, she vanished off the face of this earth. And now I find out it was because I was too much of a downer for her! Yup! My daughter has just been diagnosed with literally the most devastating seizure disorder there is, and I'm not positive enough for my friend! What's crazy, is that through this all, I feel that I really have been able to stay positive. Even when the doctors told us there was no way Reagan would ever be seizure free, I continued to pray, I continued to believe. I have never been one of those "why me" people...even though I'm sure I have the right to. I know Reagan has touched the lives of so many and I trust in God that there is a reason for all of this. But I do tell it like it is. Like for the blog, I recap our days (Reagan's days), for better or worse. I have wondered for a long time what had happened to my friend and how she could possibly desert me like she did...but I guess what I've learned today is that she never was my friend to begin with! I'm just thankful for the friends and family that I do have. Those that have stood by us through all the tough times and those that we've met along the way...thank you...your support means everything to us!!!


Zoey's mom said...

I love you my friend.Enough said.

Thankful for a good day.

Jamie - AZ said...

Sometimes we dont know who are friends are until we really need them. She is the one missing out without you and Reagan. :) Give the princess hugs from me and I will be saying prayers as always.

Debbie said...

I have found in this journey you truly find out who your sincere, true friends are.
I have been dissapointed by many so called friends, and equally so been blown away by the love and support of many.
One hurt was a childhood friend who I was neighbors with and was my bridesmaid....she only saw Hudson once,which was when we thought he was healthy...after the chaos began, she would see when I was coming to her (an hour drive) see her new house they built...really?? wasn't top on my list of priorities as my baby is having 160 seizures a day!!! Just an example of her selfishness...'s been a year since I told her how I felt, and cut the ties with her and I am free of the weight of a person who who could only take and never give!

Lots of lessons we learn having these special kids in our lives...all I know is I don't have time or energy for those who drag me down...and I too am grateful for those who have shown to love us in spite of our well as the love and support through friends like you walking with us!!!

Kristy said...

I've learned that true friends are the ones who aren't trying to get something from you, they are just happy to be there. I think you have great strength, optimism, and faith! Love you guys!

Lynn said...

I've been reading your blog since my son Levi was diagnosed with infantile spasms, and you definitely are not a downer! You are very positive. Sometimes the facts are just the facts and they can be sad, but I've rarely seen you down, and believe me, that happens to all of us from time to time. When Levi was in the ICU in a coma, my sister's husband (and my sister) did something similar, right in front of everyone on facebook. I don't understand why some people feel the need to kick us when we're down, but I've found that those types are not worth the time I spend worrying about them. Your blog has helped me immensely, and I appreciate that very much! My son's blog is if you are interested, check us out :)