Thursday, July 28, 2011

Crazy laughs

Reagan seemed to sleep a little better last night. When I woke at 4am (the same time I'm waking every single night), she was actually asleep this time! I'm hoping that means that she actually got a good night's sleep last night, but who knows. Today she's been sweet and giggly. The crazy kind of laughs though. The kind of laughs that make you think she's right on the verge of bad days...but cute nonetheless. She did have another random throw up this morning. Just out of no where, she was laying on her side in front of the tv and out it came! She's also been gnashing her teeth a lot. You can hear her snapping them together like a snapping turtle! She's been going at her hand a little more we've just kept it covered with a sock at all times. Then this afternoon, we had her in her stander after PT and all of a sudden she started making these grunting noises and her face was turning red. It escalated pretty quickly and we had to get her out of the stander ASAP. By the time we got her out, she was crying and very upset. We figured it was "intestinal", so I had to take one for the team and help her out and that opened the flood gates and we went through 4 diapers getting her cleaned up. After that, she seemed much relieved and happy once again! There was even a little blood in it, which had me a little worried because I've never seen that before, but I'm guessing it was from all the straining! Poor girl! Tonight she's been a little more "on edge" and had a few crying outbursts, but thankfully we've been able to get her under control and happy again. She fell asleep and we put her to bed, but I already hear her back awake in her bed laughing. Hopefully she'll get some sleep tonight. We have a night nurse tonight, so we should get some sleep at the very least! Please keep her in your prayers! (And thank you to everyone for your continued prayers for my pregnancy! It means the world to me!!)


Jamie - AZ said...

Sending many prayers for Reagan and more for your new sweetheart too! :)

The app is called Lullabies. It is so cute. Just music that is relaxing, you can set the timer, add your favorites to play as long as you want. I thought of Reagan when she is having her bad days. Maybe this will help calm her. Tatum loves it and smiles when she hears Windup Lullaby. :)
Talk soon

Heather said...

I love reading about her laughing!! So glad for a good day:-)

Lynn said...

I'm so excited for you! I'm praying for Reagan and your new little peanut!

Clarissa said...

Thats so exciting that you are expecting again! Reagan will love having a sibling who will adore her! Praying for God's blessings and peace to be with you throughout the pregnancy and for a healthy baby and safe delivery!