Sunday, July 3, 2011

Busy day...wonderful girl!

Reagan slept like a rock again last night! She woke up this morning around 9:45am all smiles! We've had a busy day today. This morning we went out for a walk in the heat of the day...Grandma thinks Reagan needs more sun! Afterward we hung out in the house a while to cool down and then filled Reagan's "pool" up and let her go for a swim! She got to wear her pink bikini...that unfortunately came in a size too was still cute though! While "swimming" we decided to give her a bath (kill two birds with one stone)! Then we put her third outfit of the day on...see pink top and shoes below...this girl definitely has her Grandma and Aunt Amber's long legs (mommy is vertically challenged)! Then Grandma fed her some baby food...she's eating about 1.5oz at a problem (well, except for that uncoordinated tongue!). And tonight we went to watch fireworks at our country club (another outfit change...I'll post those pictures tomorrow). I think Reagan enjoyed rolling around outside on a blanket beforehand more than watching the fireworks themselves. We couldn't have asked for a better girl today! She's been absolutely wonderful all day and then tonight she drifted off to sleep in her Daddy's arms (smiling). Such a sweetie!!

Looking cool in her shades...

Impossible to take a picture of her...she's always moving!

Hand in the always!

Can't get her hand to her mouth around the neck ring!


Long legged girl!


Jamie - AZ said...

What a beautiful girl! She looks so good and so rested! I am so happy to hear you had another great day! Reagan keep it up sweetie!! :) Happy 4th to you guys!
Prayers & Hugs.

jocalyn said...

this post made me smile. she is beautiful, fashionable, and i'm so glad you guys are having a few good days :) enjoy!

Debbie said...

She looks so big all of the sudden!

Glad to hear you are getting sleep....she looks like a happy girl.

Anonymous said...

This made me so happy. I'm so glad little miss. Reagan is getting a break form those bad days. Those legs of hers look like they have grown several inches since I saw her last. Enjoy many more good days to come.