Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bahamas bound

Reagan slept last night...I'm not sure how much, but she did sleep! I woke up at 4am to find her wide awake, moving around in her bed. She was quiet and content so I went back to sleep. I woke several more times between 4-6:30 and each time she was still awake. Finally at 7am I woke up and decided to just get up with her, but when I looked at the monitor, she had finally fallen back to sleep! She slept til 10am and then woke all smiles once again! She's been super sweet and smiley all day today. Happy to just lay on the floor and roll around. She has been sounding a little congested times she sounds a little a little pig. And she's been coughing here and there but it sounds more like a choking on her spit cough than a real cough. Hopefully it's just allergies! We need a nice long good streak this go round!! Please keep her in your prayers! It sure is nice to not only have Reagan sleeping in her bed again, but also to sleep in my own bed again! Sitting up all night in a chair or attempting to sleep on the sofa definitely gets old after a while!!! I do have an exciting piece of news to share...we're going on a vacation!!! Grandma is taking us all to the Bahamas!!! When I say all, I mean, my mom (obviously), my sister, me, Mike, Reagan, and Reagan's nurse!!! Yep! We're all going! I can't wait. It's not til mid September, but we've actually been planning it for months now, so it finally seems to be getting within reach. We're renting a house in Nassau that has it's own infinity edge pool and private beach! It's going to be AWESOME!!! There's plenty of shaded areas for Reagan, very secluded, it should be really nice! Grandma has already bought Reagan more swimsuits, cover ups, and resort wear than we can even pack!!! We're all pretty excited about it. The one thing we still haven't done is get Reagan a passport. Grandma and I tried today to get a new passport photo of her with her short hair but it was just NOT happening!!! It's nearly impossible to get a straight-on photo of her with her eyes open (we might have to just hope they'll accept the one we took of her with her long pigtails). Hopefully this is something I can get taken care of this week, so I don't end up having to worry about doing it last minute!!


Zoey's mom, Heather said...

As I told you before, I SO wish I could stowaway in your suitcase. Me and Zoey. That would be heaven!

Hope you got my email about the cad you sent. I keep reading it over and over. That is how much it meant to me.

Prayers for you all,as always.

jocalyn said...

sounds great! we leave for the beach in 2 weeks...and are taking our nurse too! enjoy!

Shonda said...

Gotta love them Grandma's. They just seem to make things happen. So glad you all are getting a vacation. Reagan will love all the new things to see. Here's to many more good days. ((hugs))